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Bodhicitta – A Closer Look

Relative Bodhicitta has two dimensions: the mind training (‘aspiration bodhicitta’) and the living out of the bodhicitta mindset in every moment of life experience (‘practice bodhicitta’). The commitments to each of these is represented by the Aspiration Bodhisattva Vow and the Practice Bodhisattva Vow, the former acting as the novice stage for the latter.
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Saturday June 5th Aspiration Bodhicitta
Here, we will explore Gampopa’s teachings on awakening the bodhisattva’s view and then maintaining and strengthening it. Also how to preserve it from either deteriorating or being lost altogether.
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Practice Bodhicitta – Saturdays 19th & 26th June, 3rd, 17th, 24th & 31st July, 2021
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The Six Paramita: Sat 19th June 1. Generosity
We will explore the key difference between generosity, as a karmic virtue leading to better rebirth, and the paramita of generosity, which leads to a buddha’s liberation. We can give materially, of our time and presence and also we can gift dharma teachings. How to do these purely and ethically?

The Six Paramita: Sat 26th June 2. Right Conduct
There is a difference in outcome between one-off actions and actions due to a vow. We will examine Refuge and the basic Buddhist Pratimoksa commitments, the bodhisattva vow and (briefly) Vajrayana samaya.

The Six Paramita: Sat 3rd July 3. Forbearance
Forbearance is the ability, the strength, to cope with whatever arises.One no longer is upset and can maintain commitments of body, speech and mind. This section of the paramita is rich in advice for dealing with life’s challenges and the hardships of a dharma path.

The Six Paramita: Sat 17th July 4. Diligence
This is about living dharma in life in an effective way, through taking delight in what is meaningful and shedding what has little value.

The Six Paramita: Sat 24th July 5. Meditation
We will examine meditation as a general topic and then the specific focus on the role and necessity of achieving stability of awareness (dhyana) in the different schools of dharma.

The Six Paramita: Sat 31st July & 14th August 6. Wisdom (prajna)
We will spend two session on prajnaparamita. This is a huge topic meriting years of study, so our analysis will be an overview of the general key teachings on voidness (sunyata) and then, in a second session, an exploration of sunyata in the Kagyu teachings and a brief look at rang-tong and she-tong views.

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