Ken Holmes Teachings

The 5 Elements

29th Jan & 12th Feb 2022

The 5 main buddhas, each the pure aspect of an element

In Vajrayana Buddhism, the five elements have an extremely vast and profound meaning, much more than is suggested by their simple names. For an example, on an atomic level (as discussed in Greece and India at the time of the Buddha), they are five key ‘elements’ of the smallest particles:

EARTH – the manifest presence of the atom (mass)
WATER – the way the atom bonds with other atoms (gravity)
FIRE – the innate and expressed energy of the atom (energy)
WIND – the dynamic power/movement (kinesis)
SPACE – the overall context in which the atom manifests

However, there is much more to the elements than their material manifestation: they characterise the main mind poisons (kleshas) and their dominance in a personality; they also embody qualities of worldly experience and meditation experience; and they also embody the key manifestations of mind’s purity (the Buddha ‘families’) to help beings, as will be explored in detail in the course to follow.

Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine used both the India (static) and Chinese (dynamic) systems of the elements.
Saturday 29th January, 2022: The Indian system
Saturday 12th February 2022: The Chinese system

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