Ken Holmes Teachings

The Dharma

A series of three teachings presenting the key elements of the Buddha’s teaching.

Saturdays 30th March and 13th & 20th April, 2024,
9.30 a. m. UK time, over Zoom.

Although the Sanskrit word dharma has at least 10 meanings, it is best known as the term for the Buddha’s teaching, much as gospel is used for Christ’s teaching. Its root meaning is « that which holds its own specific qualities », distinguishing one thing from another, such as fire from water, one plant from another etc. Hence it becomes the very general term for things.

Sat 30th March General overview of dharma as dharma as concepts/scripture and dharma as realisation. This is accompanied by an outline of the Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma.

Sat 13th April An overview of the two main classes of buddhadharma: sutra and tantra, along with their subdivisions.

Sat 20th April emaining sessions continued exploration of the above as appropriate, including key topics such as Three Marks of Existence, Four Truths, Two Truths and so forth.

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