Ken Holmes Teachings

The Sangha

A series of three teachings presenting the nature and role of the various aspects of the Sangha.

Saturdays 27th April and 11th & 18th May, 2024,
9.30 a. m. UK time, over Zoom.

The Sanskrit word sangha means ‘community’. Although it is often used these days to talk about our local Buddhist communities (lay or ordained), it has traditionally meant the Buddhist gatherings which are worthy of our Refuge. In Mahayana Buddhism, it is focused on the bodhisattva sangha of liberated bodhisattvas who have attained the ten levels prior to total enlightenment.

Sat 27th Apr General overview of the sangha, in the Theravada sense and the Mahayana sense and why they are both suitable Refuges. Gampopa’s analysis of the three types of beings drawn particularly to one aspect of Refuge or another.

Sat 11th May An exploration of the sangha’s evolution and studies of key sangha members at the time of Buddha and after.

Sat 18th May continued exploration but now of Vajrayana masters and their lineages. The inner sangha according to the tathagatagarbha teachings.

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